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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Old Library Drawers

Today's post is short and sweet as these lovely drawers speak for themselves. 

One of my favourite items of furniture must be these wooden drawers. They are solid oak, original brass cup handles and they were made to hold file cards for all the books in a library.

I am grateful for computers. Really, I am! They not only give me the ability to blog but if it wasn't for computers and their use in modern libraries, delightful storage such as these drawers would never have become available for around £40.

Lella Loves... Old Library Drawers

If you are wondering what I keep in my drawers, I will show you: they are perfect for storing candles or knitting needles.

Lella Loves... Old Library Drawers

Here is another idea for you if you like to burn incense. I keep similar sticks together and store a few of my notecards on top of the sealed packs of incense. The sticks infuse the notecards with their delicate scent and it is a lovely way to send people a reminder of you and your home.

Lella Loves... Old Library Drawers

Lella Loves... Old Library Drawers

If you would like to buy yourself a set of these, look out for larger antiques and collectables fairs as you will find dealers with furniture at bigger events. They are durable, meant to last and look fabulous.

Find a set of drawers like these and you will find a use for them.

Do let me know if you have a set and if so, what do you store in yours?

Many thanks for reading.

Lella  xx

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