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Friday, 5 August 2011

Canvas Prints

Today I am going to share with you a project I have had on the go for a few weeks.  It is fun to see how easy it is to make a plain canvas print better!

Mine are a 'work in progress' as it is fiddly but very rewarding and should cost less than £5 depending on which beads you buy and from where and it also depends on which size canvas you buy.

Lella Loves.. Canvas Prints

I bought the canvas prints in Dunelm for the bargain-hunter price of £1 - they were in the sale section as the clear film was torn and missing a corner cap (also known as packaging!).
Similar items are for sale in Cargo or Wilkinsons.

Lella Loves... Canvas Prints

You will need:
Canvas print of a flower seed head or branch.
50grams of seed beads in a toning colour.
Clear-drying craft glue.
A box of toothpicks.

Once you have gathered all the items, take your canvas, lie it flat on a table and, using a toothpick, carefully trail clear glue along the lines of the flower.

*Tip: Dispose of glue toothpicks after each trail as the glue will build up.

Place a pinch of seed beads on the canvas (but away from the glue area) and, using another toothpick, carefully drag and embed them snugly into the glue trail.

The reason why it is a work in progress now becomes clear...  it is close-up work and your eyes and back might need a rest. This is a lovely project which gives the canvas a 3D effect and the beads add a glint to the image.

Thanks for reading and if you are enjoying my blog, please share this project with your friends via Facebook.     :)

Lella  xx

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