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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Pot Pourri (Valentine's Day)

If you like to change your pot pourri once a month, I do hope you will enjoy today's Valentine's inspired project: it centres around two lovely carved wooden hearts I found in a flea market about 10 years ago.

Lella Loves... Pot Pourri

If you wanted to recreate this scented display for your home, you will need to find a large wooden bowl or a ceramic dish to arrange it all in. 

Look out for the following items:

Lella Loves... Pot Pourri

A very large, huge if possible, hand-carved, ethnic, wooden bowl. Mine is approximately 25 inches across. You will only need to purchase a bowl like this once. It is large enough to hold anything you can think of.

*Tip: Buy unusual handmade items when you see them or else you will regret it! More often than not, when you return, the item has sold.

Lella Loves... Pot Pourri

Dorma offer a good basic pot pourri 'starter kit' and their fragrances are fabulous. Their orange and sandalwood offering is delicious and not overpowering.

Lella Loves... Pot Pourri

These are the large twiggy hearts which I used yesterday as spacers for the fabric hearts bunting. Look out for these in all sizes from 1 inch to 24 inches!

Lella Loves... Pot Pourri

The wooden hearts are hand-carved and were already painted dark blue. They have signs of wear from a decade of being enjoyed and used in my displays.

Lella Loves... Pot Pourri

To show you the scale of the wooden bowl, I have placed a small pine cone in the centre. However, try not to use pine cones in spring/summer pot pourri blends as there are so many alternatives.

Lella Loves... Pot Pourri

As a lifter, I have used large twiggy balls simply because the bowl is huge and they offer a good base.

Lella Loves... Pot Pourri

The next stage to building up your display is to add pairs of straw balls, large seed pods, twig spirals and dried flower heads.

Lella Loves... Pot Pourri

The only items used in abundance in this display are nuts and star anise which are used as fillers.

Lella Loves... Pot Pourri

Keeping with Valentine's theme, add pairs of small and large twiggy hearts.

Lella Loves... Pot Pourri

The good thing with quality pot pourri is that you can add fragrance and change the contents around without them breaking or falling apart.

Pop back tomorrow for another Valentine's inspired blog-make.

Lella  xx

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