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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Fabric Hearts Door Hanger

Valentine's Day is two weeks today and if you enjoy having a wreath or garland on your front door, why not hang two padded hearts and a big ribbon bow instead.

Lella Loves... Fabric Hearts

Here is a padded heart which you could make in an hour. Once you have made two, simple tie them together using a matching ribbon and hang on the door.

Lella Loves... Templates

All you need to do is to draw a heart-shaped template, use a pair of scissor to cut your fabric shapes and be able to sew two pieces of fabric together.

Lella Loves... Scrap Fabric

Gingham is always cheery, and it is a lovely fabric to use for homemade projects such as these padded hearts.

Lella Loves... Fabric Hearts

If you love fabrics, there is a great sense of satisfaction to be had once a project is completed. For a homespun look, use an old patchwork quilt. Old shirts are a good source of fabric for smaller craft projects.

If you wanted to make the hearts yourself, I have a tutorial post to help you.

Lella Loves... Ribbon

Two fabric padded hearts tied to your front door is a lovely decoration for February. Choose ginghams or ditzy florals to make your visitors smile. I chose this lovely wired red and cream checked ribbon for the bow.

Lella Loves... Fabric Hearts

Have a lovely day.
Lella  xx

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