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Monday, 1 August 2011

Fabric Hearts

I love fabrics and one of my favourite hobbies is fabric crafts. Cushions, bunting or fabulous patchwork is what I love to do on a rainy day. Off-cuts, old shirts and tatty curtains are a good source of bulk fabric for craft projects.

Do you enjoy creating something using material from a previously well-loved shirt or your granny's dress? If so, this little project is perfect for you.

Here is a basic padded heart which you could make in an hour.

Lella Loves... Fabric Hearts

To make one of these lovely little hearts, you will need:

Cotton fabric
Sewing machine and a needle/thread for hand-stitching

Take an A4 piece of your favourite fabric and make a template - a heart shape on a piece of cardboard will do. Draw two hearts and cut out.

*Tip:  Use pinking shears to avoid fraying.

Sew the fabric hearts face-to-face and leave an inch gap at the bottom section of the straight edge.
Turn inside out and fill your heart with stuffing, dried lavender or cotton wadding.

When you are happy with the padded heart, hand-stitch the stuffing hole closed as neatly as possible.
Take a piece of toning ribbon and a pretty button and sew to make the hanging loop.

Perfect for hanging on a wardrobe door.

Lella Loves... Fabric Hearts

To see lots more of my padded hearts, pop over to view my Flickr photostream:

If you wish to purchase one of my hearts, they are £4 each including postage to any UK address.

You are welcome to leave a comment under any of my postings.

Many thanks for reading.  See you soon :)

Lella x

1 comment:

  1. Kofi says "I've got one of those!".
    Love it ;=)


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