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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Embellishments (Cushions)

Today's project is an easy one.

All you need is a nice cushion which you want to make into a fabulous cushion.

Before you ask, I did not make these lovely cushion. (I wish!!  ;) They are from Laura Ashley and were £30 each. However, what I have done is to simply jazz them up. They are very pretty to begin with but I added buttons, beads and crocheted flowers.

Lella Loves... Embellishments

No cushion with cupcakes could escape my bead and buttons treatment!

Lella Loves... Embellishments

This is the cushion as purchased but I wanted to add a little touch of 3D to the appliqued cakes.

Lella Loves... Embellishments

This crocheted flower came off some knitted slippers from last Christmas.

Lella Loves... Embellishments

Sparkly little flower buttons such as these were 12p each and the teeny-tiny green flower is a bead.

Lella Loves... Embellishments

Crocheted flowers, satin roses and little buttons were salvaged from slippers and worn out clothing. I have been saving old buttons and trimmings for years.

Lella Loves... Buttons

Vintage buttons are a pleasing item to collect. I buy them whenever I see them as they are usually really cheap. I found these at a large second-hand goods market.

If you like the idea of this, start collecting flower-shaped buttons, crocheted flowers and satin buds. The best way is to stop at a haberdashery shop or pop into a market once in a while and allow yourself to spend £1. Yes, just £1 and you could buy a cute selection of little flower buttons or satin roses.

Have a lovely day and treat your cushions to an up-do.

Lella  xx

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