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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Old Pine Box

Today's project uses the wooden box I spoke about the other day. The lovely pine box you see here cost me £15 and I couldn't pay the dealer quickly enough.

Lella Loves... Old Pine Boxes

With the chilly nights creeping up on us, I intend to store fleece blankets and a throw in this box. Splinters are to be avoided so today's blog-make is a picture diary explaining how I lined it with some pretty paper.  

The roses wrapping paper was already in hand as, years ago, I had made the mistake of folding the  sheets of wrapping paper instead of rolling them. This meant I could no longer use the paper as gift wrapping because it looked like I had salvaged it from a received present. Not to worry, I thought, and so it sat, waiting for the perfect project.

If you wanted to try this for yourself, simply find a lovely wooden box and set aside an hour.

You will need:

Wrapping paper  (You could use scented drawers liners if the fragrance was pleasing.)
PVA glue. 

Lella Loves... Old Pine Boxes

Find a suitable place to work and when you are ready to start, drizzle the PVA glue all over the bottom boards. 

Lella Loves... Old Pine Boxes

Be generous with the glue. This is the only time you will put glue directly on to the wood.

Lella Loves... Old Pine Boxes

Take your paper and, cutting from the straight line at the top, measure out two pieces to fit across the base. If your box is wider than the wrapping paper, make sure you cut two of every piece so you can paste in a mirrored fashion at each end, working inwards.

Lella Loves... Old Pine Boxes

Continue to cut and paste the paper to fit each section (sides) of your box. Work with bigger pieces of paper at the bottom and overlap every piece, every time. If you choose a pretty print, there is margin for error as pattern is forgiving. 

Lella Loves... Old Pine Boxes

Always glue the back of the paper and use the tips of your fingers to position the lining. I call it, 'tickling the mice'. Be gentle and, with the lightest touch, encourage the paper to slide into position.

Lella Loves... Old Pine Boxes

Work up from the base. When you get near the top of the box, take a straight edge of the paper and work downwards. Overlapping your lining paper by a few inches is better than a few centimetres.

Lella Loves... Old Pine Boxes

Continue to glue and line the box until you are satisfied. Use any left-overs to add another layer to the base. I lined mine twice as I wanted to build up a thicker, protective lining.  

*Tip: Lining twice is better and it is much easier to line it all at the same time than it would be to reline  in six months' time when your paper gets torn.

Lella Loves... Old Pine Boxes

It took me about an hour or so to cut out the paper, apply the glue and line the box completely, twice. I took photographs as I went along. The glue is ordinary, non-toxic PVA glue which I bought in Morrisons for £2. Use children's glue as it is safe, it is tacky within seconds and it dries clear within minutes.

Lella Loves... Old Pine Boxes

Ta...dah!   Here is my finished box. Fabulous, isn't it?

I am really happy with the way the box turned out. It will be perfect for the living room and will store several blankets and a few extra DVDs.

Scented drawer liners would have been lovely if I were storing socks or smalls but are not appropriate for this project.

Lella Loves... Old Pine Boxes

If you enjoyed this post, please leave me a comment.  I write this blog with ideas and creative projects which are easy and fun to do. Shopping on a budget and time spent being creative is something I am happy to share.

Three cheers for flea markets!   Hip, Hip....   

Lella :)  xx

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  1. I love this, you've inspired me! Get me to a flea market...


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