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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Framing Up (Posters and Prints)

Hello there and welcome to Wednesday's post.

Yesterday I spoke about scrapstores and local recycling projects/art clubs. Today I want to show you a very large, 16'' x 24'' poster which I picked up on my last visit to my 'scrappy-do'.

It is a lovely print, but with a huge crease along the bottom, and would have been damaged or maybe even torn sooner or later.

Lella Loves... Prints

Having brought the kettle and pumpkin print home a few weeks ago, I was wondering where to site it and I was even considering trimming it completely and putting it on my cork boards as a main backing print.

However, that was not meant to be. Last Thursday, I wandered into a charity shop whilst waiting for my husband. To my surprise, the charity shop had loads of photo frames and larger framed prints under the table.

I bought this very large framed print for the bargain price of...

Lella Loves... Framing Up

...three English pounds. Yes, £3 for a solid wood, glazed 16'' x 16'' frame. What a bargain  :)

Lella Loves... Framing Up

I took it home and whipped off the back. After taking out the print and the mount, I used the glass as a template over my kettle and pumpkin poster. (Remember, the print was free from the scrapstore.)

Lella Loves... Framing Up

And this is what the print looks like now. All framed and glazed and sitting happily in my kitchen. 

Lella Loves... Framing Up

This whole project came about because of the joy of scrapstores and the thrill of a charity shop visit.

If you like having things on your walls, you cannot go wrong with a rummage in a charity shop. Be open to buying frames before you have anything to put in them. 

Have a lovely day and don't forget to have a look at yesterday's post if you are interested in the idea of joining a scrapstore.

Lella xx

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