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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Antiques and Collectables Centres

Nearly every town has an antiques centre which is filled with goods belonging to several dealers. One locally to me is a bit like having a flea market which is open 7 days a week.

The goods offered for sale are not high-end mahogany furniture or luxury glassware but more for the home and garden as well as everyone's budget.

The whole back section is part of a permanent retail shop. However, the joy of browsing the collection of outbuildings known locally as 'The Sheds' is a delight I partake in once a month or so.

Lella Loves... Emporiums

The sheds are in the back garden of an antiques centre and there are many sellers all under the many roofs. The variety is exceptionally wide and if you have ever wanted it, you never know when you might find it here.

Lella Loves... Emporiums

I so wanted to bring this trunk home and fill it with blankets and bed socks. Wooden storage is a weakness and this trunk really made my knees wobble.

Lella Loves... Emporiums

Two or three of these terracotta pots would be lovely filled with heathers on the front step.

Lella Loves... Emporiums

If you live at number 67, you are in luck!
Lella Loves... Emporiums

This fabulous old cartwheel should be in someone's back garden with ivy and geraniums scrambling through it, not nettles.

Lella Loves... Emporiums

So many items every which way you look.

Lella Loves... Emporiums

This candle stand would look good if it was rubbed down with a wire brush and sprayed black. For a few pounds, the item would be transformed and would hold three huge pillar candles in the centre of the table.

Lella Loves... Emporiums

Pretty cake stands are always a favourite when guests are coming. This stall had lots of useful kitchen items.

The soup ladles are inspiring and they make me want to break out the stuffing, rustle up some roasted potatoes, serve my gravy in a tureen and add some honey-glazed shallots.

Lella Loves... Emporiums

There is a whole section of pretty wirework furniture and it's piled high.

Lella Loves... Emporiums

The little blue trio is an absolute sweetie. I cannot believe I took its photo but didn't actually pick it up.

*Tip: Going every week to a collectables market or antiques centre doesn't allow the stock to refresh quickly enough to give inspiration. Aim for once a month to make it enjoyable.

If you have not discovered where your local centres are yet, please get yourself a copy of the Antique Trade Calendar and look up your nearest emporiums/multi-dealer centres.

Pop back soon,

Lella  xx

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