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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Decorations (Garlands)

There is much pleasure to be had from making your own Christmas decorations and many of us must have one or two which we love to bring out every year.

Lella Loves... Garlands

A few well-crafted and homespun decorations are a joy for both adults and children. It is all very well buying a few new baubles but make it a family tradition to create one decoration each every year. Yours and your children's memories are made every day so a big spoon of homemade is definitely the nostalgia of tomorrow.

Today's blog-make is a basic garland and I wanted to show you how to wire on single items. I used my felt acorns simply because I made so many but you could use anything you want.

Lella Loves... Garlands

You will need:

Jute or garden twine
Pine cones, cinnamon sticks, twiggy stars or bells
Copper wire

Lella Loves... Garlands

These fabulous cones, which look very similar to a giant sequoia's cones, were found on a walk in Ashridge Park. The little stem is perfect for this project and all Christmas trees need a few pine cones.

Lella Loves... Garlands

Make a generous loop in your jute to be able to attach the garland to the tree.

Lella Loves... Garlands

Taking your chosen decoration (pine cones, cinnamon sticks etc.) wrap the copper around the stem to secure it to the jute. Wind it closely so it looks like a coil.

Lella Loves... Garlands

Achieving a professional finish is a must so allow 7 or 8 passes with the copper wire before snipping. Use your pliers to gently clamp the cut copper ends into the jute.

Lella Loves... Garlands

Continue to add, building a garland with single items which are beautifully attached. The attention to detail is in the finish and once you are happy, proudly display it on your tree.

A good length for a garland such as this would be approximately a metre. If you wanted a change from tinsel, make variations using items from my pot pourri post the other day.

Have fun and do let me know if you make one. I would love to hear which items you used.

Lella  xx

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