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Monday, 5 December 2011

Beaded Napkin Ties

I made these beaded napkin ties last year and they did look rather lovely on the Christmas table. If you enjoy beading and you wanted to make something similar, why not try these. 

The copper wire is the secret as it allows the beaded ends to be twisted over each other to hold the napkin in place. So simple and easy to do.

Lella Loves... Beading

You will need:

Copper wire
8 large statement beads such as a heart or a flower
8 large stopper beads such as a barrel bead
Allow 8 medium spacer beads per napkin ring
Allow 120 pearlised beads per napkin ring

Lella Loves... Beading

Take a piece of copper wire about 16 inches long and thread on on small spacer bead. Loop the copper back over the bead and twist to secure.

Lella Loves... Beading

Slide one of your statement beads on and then start to thread all your beads. Choose any colour you wish.

Lella Loves... Beading

Always allow equal amounts of beads and the same spacing.

Lella Loves... Beading

When you are happy with the length of your beading, take one of the stopper beads and thread it on. Now take one of each of the smaller beads, thread and re-thread the copper back down through the stopper bead.

Twist the copper to make a little stump and trim the excess.

Lella Loves... Beading

To make eight of these will take about 2 hours as the beading is easy once you have decided on your pattern. All the beads used in this blog-make came from Hobby Craft. Choose hand-blown, lampwork beads if you wanted something extra special.

The fabulous thing about handmade beaded napkin ties is that when you tell your family you made them, be ready for the compliments. They will enjoy using them too.

Have a lovely day.

Lella  xx

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