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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Beaded Half-Wreath Necklace

I was inspired to make this necklace after seeing a wreath made completely out of glass Christmas baubles. It was a truly lovely decoration but very delicate and very expensive. However, I loved it so much that, if possible, I would have worn it! 

And with that in mind, here is my take on it.

A delightful necklace which is very easy to make.

I used a 7mm silk organza to thread the beads but you could use silver cord or black satin. If you choose red or blue beads, simply tone your ribbon to the beads.

The beads actually look like miniature baubles and they have a fixed hoop rather than a hole for threading.

Double fold your ribbon (or cord) for strength and be generous with the length. Place the unthreaded ribbon around your neck to give an idea of where you want your necklace to sit.

Remember the old saying of, "Measure twice, cut once."

This style of bead is the best for this project as you want to be able to thread them on and then twist each bead a quarter turn so they snuggle into each other.

Keep on threading and layering your beads until you are happy with your overall look. I wanted the effect of a miniature bauble wreath so I stopped once I had a half circle.

If you like this blog-make, look online at a few specialist bead retailers and buy yourself some beads which will inspire you to make yourself something to wear on Christmas Day.

Have a lovely day.

Lella  xx

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