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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Simple Pleasures (Have a Bonfire)

On the continued theme of spending little or no money on a Sunday, there is nothing better than having a lovely bonfire once every couple of months.

Save up all the free papers, junk mail and circulars. Store them in the thick, heavy cardboard boxes which the dustbin men won't take.

Lella Loves... a good bonfire!

Garden waste, bulking packaging and personal documents are always burned rather than binned.

Lella Loves... a good bonfire!

Don't put any paperwork in the waste bin which has banking info, account numbers or anything with your address on. All personal paperwork should be shredded or burned.

Lella Loves... a good bonfire!

On a quiet Sunday, and with no wind, take it all out and have a bonfire.

*Tip: If you have neighbours, and they have hung their washing out, do let them know if you will be having a bonfire. It costs nothing to be respectful to your neighbours and they will appreciate it.

Not everybody has very long gardens or space for a bonfire, me included. Do what I do and ask a friend who does have the space - even a dedicated bonfire patch - whether you can help out next time she lights one.

Be safe at all times and remember to tuck that scarf in.

Lella  xx

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