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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Bespoke Earrings

As a bargain hunter and crafter, you might not be surprised to hear I have been shopping in the sales: And oooh! I have found some bargains.

Today's post is a fun way to mix and match two pairs of earrings into just the one pair which is bespoke to you. Both of these earring pairs were reduced and I thought that the feathers would add a bit of fun to the peacock's tail.

Lella Loves... Earrings

The peacock's tail is jewelled so the earrings are a good weight before I have added anything. Always take the weight of the starter pair into account.

Lella Loves... Earrings

I chose these vibrant feather earrings as they are light and would look fabulous as an extension to the peacock's tail.

Lella Loves... Earrings

Using basic pliers, I unhooked the jump ring from the fish hook ear wire.

Tip*: Before you buy any earrings, do check that they are easily wired. Simple findings can be undone using a pair of round nosed pliers.

Lella Loves... Earrings

Taking care not to drop the tiny hoop finding, I simply attached the feathers to the bottom of the peacock's tail using the same jump ring.

Lella Loves... Earrings

I am rather pleased with my 'shoulder dusters'. I saw a similar pair with just one black feather hanging off an beaded earring and they were £9.

If you have enjoyed this blog-make, and you like the idea of DIY earrings, go out to the sales and have fun hunting for earrings which can be easily taken apart.

I bought these from Superdrug but amazing discounts are to be found in Debenhams, Accessorize and Sainsbury's TU range. Half price earrings should be your starting point but look in the 70% section for groovy deals.

Let me know if you make your own.

Lella  xx

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