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Monday, 12 December 2011

Wrapped Candle

Today's project is a very simple yet rather effective way to dress up a battery operated LED candle. 

*Tip: For safety reasons, never wrap a real candle if you intend on burning it as the paper and string might catch fire. Only wrap battery operated candles!

The overall effect is rather lovely. To follow this blog-make, you will need:

Battery operated pillar candle £1 - £5 depending on size.

Old sheet music. The trick to tearing paper is that if you tear the paper away from you, you will leave a feathery edge. Tearing the paper toward you and downwards will give you the torn, hard edge.

Have a practice and see which look you prefer. Always tear paper across the page as it will follow and tear along its own natural lines.

Take your torn piece of music - which should be approximately a third width of the candle you are using - and fix it to your candle with a glue stick such as Pritt.

Using a piece of twisted cord or jute, wrap a simple reef knot and trim.

I chose sheet music for this project as the music notes represent our thoughts and prayers on their way up to the spirit world. Light a candle for a loved one and think of them this Christmas.

Lella  xx

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