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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Lacquer Napkin Rings

The reason why I have wrapped these red napkin rings is because they are showing signs of wear. I have had them for a few years and, even just sitting in the drawer, they have gained a few more chips since I last looked. 

If you too have older napkin rings with some damage, the ribbon wrapping technique will hide it all. 

The napkin rings I used come in packs of four and can be found at Dunelm or John Lewis.

Lella Loves... Napkin Rings

I have wrapped all of my red napkin rings in deep claret 10mm silk organza. Glam up your table decorations and have fun!

Lella Loves... Napkin Rings

If you wanted to try this blog-make, lacquered or wooden napkin rings and sheer ribbon is all you need.

Lella Loves... Napkin Rings

You can see that my napkin rings were showing signs of wear and it was time for a revamp. The red lacquer was rubbing off the inner ring and nail polish would not have hidden the level of chipping.

Lella Loves... Napkin Rings

To start, all you need to do is to feed a 12 inch tail through the napkin ring and to your left side and then start to wrap your ribbon following around to the right.

Lella Loves... Napkin Rings

Keep on wrapping until you come back around to your start point. You will now want to overlap the ribbon and make sure that you have a 12 inch tail to the top and to the bottom.

Lella Loves... Napkin Rings

Cross over the ribbons and then tie them in a simple knot. If you did not want the full bow, this is the point at where you would tie the ribbons on the inside and then trim.

Lella Loves... Napkin Rings

Make the bow and trim your tails to your preferred length.

Lella Loves... Napkin Rings

All signs of damage are now hidden and the napkin rings look fabulous.

This project is a good way to jazz up plain napkin rings. Remember, it uses the same principle as a ribbon wrapped bangle but it uses much less ribbon and only takes 7 minutes to wrap each napkin ring.

Lacquered napkin rings are a favourite and, as a little tip, sometimes a few dabs of nail polish will hide small chips. However, if you fancied a little project, get yourself some beautiful ribbon and start wrapping.

Pop back soon.

Lella  xx

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