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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Greeting Card Display Frame

Today's blog-make is one of my favourites as it is the perfect craft project to store the many Christmas cards and Happy New Year messages that usually end up on the mantlepiece.

The concept is very simple but the hard bit is finding a frame you like. I trawled flea markets and secondhand furniture shops for months to find this huge wooden beauty.

Lella Loves... Christmas Cards

The idea is to create wire lines across the frame on which your cards will sit. You will need the following items to follow this project:

Large gilt wooden frame (approximately 22 inches x 18 inches)
Picture hanging wire
8 or 10 small screws
Spirit level
Tape measure

Lella Loves... Christmas Cards
A wooden frame is the best option for this project as it makes your life easier when screwing in your fixings. Remember to use short screws as you do not want to puncture the front of your frame with an overly long screw thread.

Lella Loves... Christmas Cards

To get started simply mark out equal spacing down both sides of the back of the frame. Four or five inches is a good guide as most greeting cards will sit happily in that space.

Lella Loves... Christmas Cards

Attach your screws, making sure that the opposite side is level.

Lella Loves... Christmas Cards

Wrap the wire around each screw twice, keeping it taught. Do not cut the wire but drop down to the next screw and continue on.

Lella Loves... Christmas Cards

When all your wires are tight and your lines are straight, you have finished.

Lella Loves... Christmas Cards

The finished result will look amazing once it is heavy with all your friends' cards.

I will take a photo of mine as soon as I have set it up indoors. I am super-excited as I love Christmas cards.

Pop back soon,

Lella  xx

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