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Friday, 9 December 2011

Silk Flowers (Herb Pot)

There are no actual flowers in today's post as I wanted to make this display all about the pot. I have used a low planter which is glazed terracotta from the Kew (Royal Botanical Gardens) range which I had coveted and desired for years.

Their pots are not frost-proof so they are meant to be enjoyed in the home. If you like the look of the range, they come in the most amazing colours and in many sizes. Here is a link so be prepared to fall in love...

Lella Loves... Herb Pots

If you like the look of this simple display, you will need the following items to create your own.

Kew low planter or similar statement pot
Selection of everlasting greenery or real herbs in pots
River pebbles

Lella Loves... Planters

I agree that £35 on one pot is a ridiculous amount of money but as it was a 40th birthday gift, it worked out at less than £1 per year. Three cheers for shopping maths!

Lella Loves... River Pebbles

Fill half the pot with stones to act as ballast. I have used river-washed pebbles which were less than £3.

Lella Loves... Herb Pots

Decide on your selection of greenery. These mini herb pots are fake and were £3.99 each.

Lella Loves... Herb Pots

Sit your chosen greenery on the pebbles and gently wedge them into each other. Use two or three leaf variations for effect.

Lella Loves... Herb Pots

If you choose to use mini fake herbs, just as I have, you will want to create the illusion of a mound. To do this, as you build your arrangement, make sure that all your plants sit at the same height.

Lella Loves... Herb Pots

There are many options in gift stores and garden centres at the moment so look for great fakes or real herbs, small grasses, holly, ivy, flowering heathers etc.

Lella Loves... Herb Pots

Wooden plant labels add a touch of whimsey even though they are fake.

Lella Loves... Herb Pots

Remember that you could use real herbs if you wanted to create this display to sit on your kitchen window sill. I try to give you ideas on how to use different pots as well as silk flowers so have fun with your arrangements and create displays for your home that you will be proud of.

Please leave me a comment or feel free to ask if you wanted to see any particular plant or flower.

Have a lovely day.

Lella  xx

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