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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Ribbon Bangles (Wide Pink)

Hello there and I hope you are all looking forward to 2012.

For today's post, I wanted to get out the ribbon box for the last time in 2011. I have chosen a bright pink silk organza ribbon to make an already pretty bangle more wearable. Before adding the ribbon, the bangle had very course edges and was unwearable without a long sleeve.

Lella Loves... Ribbon Bangles

A party demands pretty clothes and statement accessories. Make yourself something fabulous if you are going out tonight.

Lella Loves... Ribbon Bangles

I bought this shimmery beauty only to find the edges were a rather rough but as a lover of ribbons, there is always an easy answer.

Lella Loves... Ribbon Bangles

Choose a wide cuff or maybe use that pesky but pretty bangle which snags your clothes. We have all bought one at some point. To make it wearable, simply wrap it in 1 inch wide, silk organza sheer ribbon. Ribbon has to be one of the best ways to wrap a bangle which has scratchy edges.

Choose a colour which matches your bangle.

Lella Loves... Ribbon Bangles

Before you start wrapping, pull the ribbon through and leave a tail of approximately 12 - 18 inches depending on how full and flowing you want your bow.

Lella Loves... Ribbon Bangles

Start wrapping and remember to wrap back over two thirds of the ribbon when using a 1 inch wide sheer.

Lella Loves... Ribbon Bangles

Don't let your ribbon go all saggy like grannie's knicker elastic! Keep it taught. You cannot over-tighten organza as it will tear and fray. Work with it to discover its potential and if you are not happy with your first attempt, unwrap and start again. You will get a feel for the various types of ribbon the more you work with them.

Lella Loves... Ribbon Bangles

Keep on wrapping and keep it neat.

Lella Loves... Ribbon Bangles

Once you have wrapped the entire bangle, take your first tail and crossover the ribbons on the inside of the bangle and then bring the two ends and make a knot. If you do this neatly, the original bangle cannot be seen.

Lella Loves... Ribbon Bangles

I love bows on bangles so I tied a huge flounce of a bow but if you are not so keen, simply knot your ribbons on the inside of the bangle and don't have a bow.

Fuchsia is most definitely the colour for a party girl! Wear it with bright red and orange for a vibrant clash.

*Tip: It is your bangle so make it to suit your outfit and style. My blog-makes are to show you the possibilities and to inspire you to express yourself through crafting and make-dos.

To help you with the finishing - the crossover and the knot - my post with the purple organza has a good photo showing the crossover of the ribbons. Here is the link:

Have fun, folks and a Happy New Year!

Lella  xx

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