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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Decorations (Garden Tools)

Making your own decorations can be wholly satisfying, especially when you know a similar item is over £3 to buy. Today's post is a set of doll's gardening tools, to which I have added a sprig of (fake) eucalyptus and a few buttons.

Lella Loves... Decorations

This blog-make only took 10 minutes and was rather fun to do.

These are in my local garden centre but I didn't want to pay £7 for two decorations!

Lella Loves... Decorations

To make your own, you will need:

Doll's tools or miniature tools from a Zen sand gift set
Small cutting of greenery
Selection of buttons
Copper wire

Lella Loves... Decorations

Wrap the greenery to the tool using the copper wire. Be generous as you will not want your sprig coming off. Snip the copper wire leaving 3 inches.

Lella Loves... Decorations

Choose your buttons and simply thread them in place with the copper wire. Wrap any remaining wire around the back.

Lella Loves... Decorations

Repeat with your other tools.

Lella Loves... Decorations

Use different buttons to vary the look on each tool.

Lella Loves... Decorations

And there you have it :) Two rather cute decorations for your Christmas tree.

If you are proud of your creations, don't keep them just for Christmas. Maybe you have a friend who enjoys gardening. These would be super on top of a birthday cake. All you would need to do is alter the trim to suit the occasion.

I hope to put my tree up today and I can't wait to share that with you. Oh, and someone has asked me for some ideas on a door wreath so watch this space!

See you soon,

Lella  xx

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