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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Simple Pleasures (Putting Up the Christmas Tree)

I know that putting up the Christmas tree is a real pleasure for many of you and it is for me too. There have been various trees over the years. As kids, we had a huge white tree with rainbow lantern lights and lots of multi-coloured decorations. I loved that tree and maybe one day I might do the full-on colour explosion that was our family Christmas tree.

As an adult, I have realised that I like to theme and one year, I had a green tree with red baubles and tartan ribbon. Another time there was the very 'Goth' black tree. That was rather groovy and looked lovely with its purple baubles and a purple feather boa instead of tinsel.

This year, the chocolate brown tree makes another appearance.

Lella Loves... her Christmas Tree

My favourite tree is finally up and dressed.

Heavy glass baubles combined with unbreakable brown decorations. You wouldn't be able to tell unless you felt their weight.

Lella Loves... her Christmas Tree

I have used bead chains instead of tinsel as tinsel should be draped over mirrors and wrapped around newel posts but that's only my opinion.

Lella Loves... Brown Baubles

Ribbon is an obsession of mine and I always thread the baubles with a toning 7mm satin.

Lella Loves... Orange Slices

A rainy day craft project is to make these slices of dried orange.

Simply warm your oven, slice an orange across the fruit so you are at right angles to the segments. Lay the slices on a baking tray and 'bake' on a super-low heat for several hours. The house will smell fabulous.

These were made by a friend last year and she sent them to me as a surprise.

Lella Loves... her Christmas Tree

I know it seems rather odd... "A brown tree?" I hear you say.

However, my lovely brown tree is covered with coppertone orange baubles, brown baubles covered in glitter which look like they are dipped in chocolate sprinkles plus glass baubles, orange beads and orange fairy lights. It really does look very different and I love it.

Keep warm and let me know which colours you have decorated your tree with.

Lella  xx

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