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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Twiggy Star Christmas Door Hanging

If you wanted to make something for your front door but did not want a wreath, how about making one of these: a twiggy star door hanging with bells. It is easy to construct and you could use all shop-bought decorations if you wanted.

Lella Loves... Twiggy Stars

It is a simple door hanging made with one large twiggy star, a handmade padded heart and three large bells.

Lella Loves... Rusty Bells

To get started, take your bells and thread two of them with 20 inches of jute cord or garden twine. Leave one unthreaded.

Lella Loves... Twiggy Stars

Tie two of the bells to the twiggy star and make sure that they hang at different lengths. You do not want your bells to be touching. They should be sitting one above the other.

Lella Loves... Fabric Hearts

Padded hearts are easy to make and this is a 7 inch Shaker style fabric heart made with cotton fabric and stuffed with kapok. They take about an hour to make from start to finish and here is the link to my previous blog-make for them:

Lella Loves... Recycling

This is a piece of wire with tiny olive leaves which I saved from a foodie gift, received last year. I suggest you use tinsel or a piece of copper wire with some small leaves threaded on if you wanted a similar effect.

Lella Loves... Twiggy Stars

Taking the fabric heart, I wrapped the olive leaf wire around the middle and attached it to the twiggy star. A little tip would be to set things at a jaunty angle. Attach decorations slightly off-centre to achieve that homemade, prim country feel.

Lella Loves... Twiggy Stars

Using a shop-bought bell which came with a small sprig of fake pine, I wrapped the tail ends of the olive wire around it and fixed it snugly to the front of the padded heart.

Lella Loves... Twiggy Stars

Your finished door hanging should look something like this but don't worry if it is not the same. This blog-make is to inspire you to be creative with the items you have in your home.

Spend time doing crafts and if you wanted to fill a stocking with pine cones and have that on your front door, you go for it!

Lella Loves... Twiggy Stars

Using clear zip ties, fix your star to your front door.

Lella Loves... Twiggy Stars

The bells will jingle and the heart will make your guests smile every time they come to your door. I am obsessed with fabric hearts so I will show you another option for a hearts door hanging next week.

Have fun Christmas shopping :)  The extra large bells and the twiggy stars can be found in most garden centres. I have also seen a huge twiggy heart so watch this space as I might get the urge to buy one ahead of Valentine's Day.

Lella  xx

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