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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Felt Acorns

These cheery little fellows are felt acorns and they will bring a smile to your guests' faces. I promise you: they are so easy to make. All you need is a handful of acorn caps, felt balls in your chosen colourway and a hot glue gun.

Lella Loves... Felt Acorns

The simplicity of today's post is that by following the photos you are able to see how they come to life.

Lella Loves... Felt Acorns

I had a lovely time the other day whilst collecting these acorns and caps. The sun was still warm and the dog walkers were so friendly.

Lella Loves... Felt Acorns

I had already bought the felt balls from an online craft store and every crafter should have a hot glue gun :)

To begin, plug in your glue gun.

Lella Loves... Felt Acorns

Take your acorn caps and start to match the caps with a felt ball.

Lella Loves... Felt Acorns

Place a small blob of hot glue in the bottom of the acorn cap.

Lella Loves... Felt Acorns

Continue to pair up your caps with the felt balls.

Lella Loves... Felt Acorns

I have made plenty as I want to pile them high all along my Hallowe'en mantle this weekend.

Lella Loves... Felt Acorns

Be creative and choose the colours which make your heart sing. If you love lemon yellow then make your felt acorns with yellow balls.

Lella Loves... Felt Acorns

I do hope you will make a few for your home. They took no longer than it takes the glue gun to heat up. Look on eBay or Etsy for felt balls and, if you don't have one, get yourself a glue gun asap.

This post can also be seen over 'At the Picket Fence' blog. It is No 80 in Inspiration Friday - week 38.


Have a lovely day.

Lella  xx

1 comment:

  1. Those are just absolutely darling Lella! Thank you so much for sharing them with us last weekend at Inspiration Friday! :-)


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