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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Hallowe'en Lanterns

I made these Hallowe'en lanterns by recycling old lampshades and I printed the bird templates off the internet. You could make your own in less than ten minutes using a few basic supplies.

Kids love to be scared by them and adults always want to know how I made them!

Lella Loves... Hallowe'en

They were so easy to do and all you need to make your own is:

White gift bags
Craft knife or scissors
Dry sand

Lella Loves... Hallowe'en

I recycled two paper lampshades, removed the internal fixings and pasted my bird cut-outs to the main shades. However, I suggest that you can achieve the same look but, instead of using lampshades, you should use the far more available option of small white gift bags.

Lella Loves... Hallowe'en

Simply print off your chosen designs or search for Hallowe'en silhouettes.

After printing them on plain paper, I used a craft knife to cut each one out. If you do this, take care not to rush as the detail is what makes the end result.

Search with single keywords such as:


Lella Loves... Hallowe'en

I found the bird templates online and resized them to fit the shades. I did only make these two using the old shades as my porch is tiny but you could go wild and have all the Hallowe'en designs you can think of, if you have the space.

Depending on the size of your gift bags, you might want to try a bat shape and simply reduce the size by 20% on each print out. Paste them on a bag and have them all flying upwards from one corner.

Another fabulous and spooky look is the cobweb. Find a spider template or draw the web straight on to the white gift bag using a wide nib marker pen.

Lella Loves... Hallowe'en

Light your front porch with similar black silhouettes and have eight or ten different designs lighting up your garden path. Pour dry sand to weight the bag down and to hold the candle in place.

The options are endless and if you don't want to use the computer, all you need are the white bags, glue, black craft card and scissors. Let your creativity flow and freehand yourself a few ghouls, a tombstone and a witch's hat.

Kids will love to take part so, using a white tailor's pencil, draw the designs, cut them out and let the kids glue them inside the white bags.

Have fun and Happy Hallowe'en.

Lella  xx

Oh... and here is the PDF to the Scary Birds silhouettes I used off Martha Stewart's website.

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