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Monday, 3 October 2011

Old Spode Tea Pot

This beautiful tea pot is older than most things in my life and I squealed with joy when I found it at a local table-top sale for a few pounds.

Lella Loves... Old Tea Pots 

It is a two cup tea pot made by Spode and it's the Tower pattern.

I have done a little research and it might have been made between 1895 - 1910 as there are similar patterned plates from that period on the internet.

Lella Loves... Old Tea Pots

The repair to the handle is called a staple and it shows that this was a precious object back in its day. It is wonderful to see such care taken over something so fragile.

Lella Loves... Old Tea Pots

This lid had been dropped much later in the tea pot's life as it has been glued. The repair tells me that it must have been around the 1960s simply because of the new developments in adhesives. It was pieced back together by someone who didn't want to discard it.

Lella Loves... Old Tea Pots

The rust inside shows that as this tea pot was handed down through the family and the last person who owned it - before me - thought enough of it to use it as a knick-knack pot, possibly on a kitchen windowsill.

The rusty marks are from odd screws, safety pins and a metal button.

Lella Loves... Old Tea Pots

Factory back-stamps help us to learn about the piece.

I love the fact that this little tea pot - short and stout - has had such a long life and, even though it is damaged and chipped, there are many people who loved this old tea pot too much to throw it away.

I ask myself the rhetorical question: if most folk dropped a tea pot today, would they get it repaired or would they simply purchase a new one?

Lella Loves... Old Tea Pots

If the tea pot could talk, I wonder what it heard: what was spoken about in the Victorian conversations at high tea?

I hope you enjoyed seeing my little Spode tea pot and it goes to show that intrinsic beauty is there even with all its damage.

Have a lovely day.

Lella  xx

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