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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Flea Markets

Staying with the table-top theme for the weekend, today's post shows a few other stalls which I have found on my travels. The joining thread of these photos is that the stallholders had set a price and stuck to it.

Lella Loves... Flea Markets

If you only have a few pounds to create a look which you have seen in a magazine, go to your local flea market. Look up local listings for antiques and collectables fairs but stay away from any event which is either charging an entrance fee or is listed as 'datelined' - you will rarely find a £1 bargain at those types of events.

Here is the link to my post regarding the Antique Trade Calendar. This little book has 3 months' worth of listings for all UK antiques and collectables fairs as well as flea markets and emporiums//multi-dealer centres.

Lella Loves... Flea Markets

The stallholder was very reasonable as his weekday business is house clearances. He had priced everything at £1 or less and even said to me, "Make me an offer." after I had picked up 11 of his books. 

£6 later and the deal was done!

Lella Loves... Flea Markets

The bargains are out there! Make your pennies s-t-r-e-t-c-h this Christmas.

If you are looking for a large plate to put pine cones on, why not choose a £1 metal wall plaque or an embossed charger? These examples were less than a coffee from any high street coffee house.

Lella Loves... Flea Markets

This stall had some super items and pretty things. The set of six glasses would make lovely bowls for melon balls or prawn cocktail. Glasses can be dishes and dishes can be candle platters.

The set of six tea cups and saucers also make rather cute serving alternatives for figgy pudding. After all, you don't need much.

Lella Loves... Flea Markets

I love finding a stall where everything you see is £1. This huge gravy boat would also make a great custard jug. Why pay £12 for a new one in a store when this was new but on a stall.

Charity shops welcome donations so pass it on after you are finished with it. 

The little ceramic ginger jar would make a great gift for a neighbour if you filled it with pot pourri and wrapped it beautifully.

The huge Wedgewood tureen would be super for seasonal nuts, clementines and even wrapped sweeties. A trifle bowl is not just for trifle so use a tureen with a decorator's eye.  :)

Lella Loves... Flea Markets

More brand new glassware was to be found on this stall. Those six lovely glass dishes at the back, still in their store wrap, were only £1.

Don't think that pudding bowls are just for pudding.  No, think Christmas pudding but then think Simnel cake at Easter, think strawberries and cream in July and think hummus and veggie dips before fireworks.

Lella Loves... Flea Markets

£2 stalls can, and do, offer some super finds. This table had a good mix of really old ceramics, glassware and some other smalls. Sellers who are happy to offer all their goods at a flat rate tend to be much busier as people like the idea of not having to ask the prices.

I enjoyed looking at these photos as they reminded me of the days out and the lovely finds I came home with. Naturally, I always ask the stallholder's permission to take a photo of their stall and they love to know that I try to spread the sunshine regarding the way they earn a living.

Remember, creativity includes upcycling, recycling and reworking to fit your own decor and lifestyle.

I encourage you to go and, take coins not just notes and go and have a fabulous couple of hours at a fair.

Have a peaceful day and feel free to leave me any comments.

Lella  xx

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