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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Collecting Kitchenalia

There is something intrinsically beautiful in old kitchenware. I love to look out for items at flea markets and, every now and then, I find something fabulous at a car boot sale.

As it is a Sunday, today is the day you too might find a little treasure at a collectables fair. There are various sub-categories of kitchenalia and you might prefer glass pharmacy bottles instead of vintage mustard pots.

Lella Loves... Kitchenalia

As your collection grows, keep your eyes open for vintage produce containers if they remind you of a time when you made cakes with your granny. In this photo I have ceramic, glass, pottery and metalware. 

I am a magpie and it shows but I do have fun with my collecting.

Lella Loves... Kitchenalia

This is an early hot water bottle, better known as a bed warmer. This was £5 at a car boot sale a couple of years ago. I do still see them once in a while. 

Don't be afraid of mixing items and because I love pumpkins and birdies, they always find their way in somehow  :)

Lella Loves... Kitchenalia

The white bowl is a branded Fortnum & Mason pudding bowl and I placed 3 ceramic garlic in there for effect. Enamelware and metal items complete the display. Take note: another gourd!

Lella Loves... Kitchenalia

If you decide to display your items, a little Welsh dresser is the perfect piece of furniture to show off all your lovely collectables. To finish the look, an old clock and a vintage Milk Glass chicken fit the bill.

I hope my photos have inspired you to look for different ways to bring nostalgia into your kitchen. Have fun hunting and remember the old adage that three items make a collection so start yours today!

Please feel free to leave a comment as I like to hear what you think of my blog.

Lella  xx

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