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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Storage (Make-up)

Peeling back the hygiene seal on yet another fabulous Burt's Bees lip balm the other day made me wonder about the value of the contents of my make-up drawers.

I keep it all relatively tidy anyway but I couldn't resist the shocking-pink baskets which were only 20p each! How could I not purchase something so pink which would help me tame my blusher pots?

If you like the look of my drawers, why don't you gather a few similar items of varying sizes. Look out for little wicker baskets or woven gift boxes which might have held soap or a bath duo. They are perfect for nestling.

Lella Loves... Storage

I choose a long and wide wicker basket for all my make-up brushes. Some brushes and applicators can be £5 or £10 to replace.

If you buy just one or two make-up brushes, buy the best you can afford and look after the ones you have.

If your make-up drawer looks like this...

Lella Loves... Storage

...well, you are not alone.

Today I hope to inspire you to collect a few useful storage containers. Please beg and barter some wicker baskets or pop in to a bargain store and purchase a pack of pen/pencil baskets.

You could use anything as long as it sits below the level of the drawer.

Lella Loves... Storage

These bright pink pencil baskets are 20p each and the little box contained a fashion watch.

With a little determination and an hour's free-time, you can go from a drawer filled with random pencils, mascaras, loose cotton buds and too many eyeshadows, to this:

Lella Loves... Storage

Allowing for 5 or 6 drawers, I suggest you divide all your make-up into categories.

  • Blusher, Brushes and Applicators
  • Eyeshadows and Multi-coloured Eye Palettes
  • Mascara and False Eyelashes
  • Lipsticks and Lip Pencils
  • Foundation and Face Powders
  • Nail Polish, other make-up spares and unopened products

Start off by sorting all your items and decide which products you wish to keep. Divide and conquer the tidying by placing your make-up straight into their boxes and baskets.

Lella Loves... Storage

This allows you to see exactly what you have.

Here is a photo of various lipsticks which I seal with tape until I want to use one. The mascaras are new and I leave them in their packaging just in case a friend wants to swap one :)

Lella Loves... Storage

This is my eyeshadow drawer. I keep palettes and unopened items separate as I like to swap make-up with friends and used eyeshadows on a swap table are a bit of a poor show.

Lella Loves... Storage

New and unopened mascara and all my false eyelashes are stored together as I do not wear falsies everyday and I only use waterproof mascara for certain occasions.

Lella Loves... Storage

When I see a really lovely eye make-up advert, I tear it out and keep it in my eye drawer.

*Tip: Maybe you like to buy make-up books and 'How To' guides. If so, keep them with your make-up.

It sounds so obvious but a make-up book showing a light and fresh daytime look is not going to be followed when it is in another room on a bookshelf.

Lella Loves... Storage

I keep all my lip pencils and balms together as I use them everyday. This particular drawer I have as the top drawer simply because it is the most visited.

By keeping all your unused pencils in a clear bag, you can see what you have. Take advantage of store offers such as 'buy one, get one free' as unopened make-up can last for years!

If you are a lady who likes to wear glossy lips, keep a handful of tissues stored with your lip sticks as they are useful for blotting and better that loo roll.

Lella Loves... Storage

More spares! I traded the foundation with a make-up rep who had samples and we did a deal with no sterling involved.

Bartering and swapping items for product which would cost you money is a great way to save.

Lella Loves... Bees

I love things with bees on. The make-up compact is an enamelled compact for which you buy refills for. It is lovely to take on an evening out instead of carrying a half-used powder and a puffer.

The tiny little wooden pot with the bee lid contains stud earrings and is a useful place to pop a dress ring.

If you are a powder girl, why not treat yourself to an enamelled compact?

Lella Loves... Storage

The drawers I use are solid pine and I have painted them a few times over the years. The last coat of paint was about 6 years ago.

I only use a basic emulsion paint just like you would use on the wall.

You should look for a chest of drawers which would be kept solely for your make-up. This set is called a Wellington chest of drawers. It is tall and thin with 6 drawers.

Lella Loves... Storage

This is the sight which should greet you when you open your drawers. You will find that you can put your hand on any item - no more rummaging!

Please don't worry about painting or changing your furniture. Have fun with it and make your pieces work for you.

Have a lovely day and look after your make-up: it adds up to a pretty penny.

Lella  xx

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