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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Pine Cone Fireplace Garland (Part 2)

Here we are: Part 2 and my finished fireplace garland. I started this on November 1st and four days later, I am able to show you the result of 350 pine cones and 3 metres of coir rope.

Lella Loves... Pine Cones

I love the look and it really is so simple to make. If you wanted to make your own, start collecting your pine cones asap and, as a good reminder, collect one for every day of the year.

Lella Loves... Pine Cones

Here is a close-up of the cones which are wired with basic floristry wire and simply threaded on by the easy-to-make loop. For the ease of demonstration, I have separated the cones to show the loops.

Lella Loves... Pine Cones

It took over two hours to wire all the cones and another hour to thread them on but it was fun and I watched TV whilst doing it.

Lella Loves... Pine Cones

There was the creative pleasure in knowing that the cones I wired can be brought out season after season. I have made something which can be used for years.

Lella Loves... Pine Cones

I hope you enjoyed this and please try at making your own. My blog-makes are easy as I want people to be able to follow them and have fun doing it. Where else can you have such satisfaction with 300-350 pine cones and a few hours?

Here is the link to the first post and the photos with the wiring technique.

Please leave a comment if you do make your own.

Have a lovely weekend and go pine cone collecting!

Lella  xx

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