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Friday, 18 November 2011

Silk Flowers (Single Stems)

Welcome to another Floral Friday and today's post shows you just how fabulous a single stem can be. I love browsing rows and rows of silk flowers and I never know if I am going to find one which I have never seen before.

Sometimes I discover incredible faux stems and the price is £4 or £5 each but I did once pick up two stems and they were £60 each.

Here are three examples of a single stem in an old container. If you like to stroll up and down a market or car boot sales, keep your eyes peeled for unusual containers such as old tea pots, enamel buckets and vintage milk bottles.

Lella Loves... Single Stems

So simple yet so chic. A single white hydrangea in a Victorian pottery bottle.

One silk bloom of the white 'Annabelle' hydrangea was £3.99 and the vintage bottle was £3 in an antiques and collectables emporium.

Lella Loves... Single Stems

There are lots of ways to display one statement stem if you love to have small vases on side tables and sills.

This is an everlasting Angelica flower head and they cost £7 for a stem of three. I trimmed all the heads off the main stem to make three singles.

The ball vase is a studio piece which I bought from a flea market. It is not signed but I know it is a good thing as it just has that special something about it. There is serious skill required from the potter to be able to form that neck and shape. It cost me £2.

Lella Loves... Single Stems

This old coffee pot cost me £1 at a summer table-top sale and the lilac silk peony was £5 (for three).

The peonies were a bargain as I bought a ready-made bouquet for £5 and I took it apart as soon as I came home.

The seller of the metalware had lots of vintage coffee/tea services but because they are house clearance dealers, they know that this pot is not of any real use today. I bought a few as they do look lovely with a single flower. I don't bother to clean any of the pots as they have already been polished so much that they have lost all their silver plating.

Do let me know if you have enjoyed this post. You are welcome to leave me a comment.

My hunt for silk stems and unusual everlasting florals never ends and I hope to see you here again :)

Have a lovely weekend and pop back soon.

Lella xx

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