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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Vintage Linens (Beaded Food Covers)

Today's post is a lot of fun if you love to entertain and if you love vintage. The idea is to take an old crocheted doily, just like the one your grannie would have used on her window sill, and upcycle it into a beaded food cover.

Lella Loves... Vintage Linens

It really is easy to do and takes about half an hour of sewing time and you will gain a lot of pleasure knowing that your family's food is protected from dust and flies by your handiwork.

Lella Loves... Vintage Linens

I found these crocheted doilies at a local table-top sale which is held in a village hall once a month. The whole stall was a delight and there were linens to behold for a few pounds.

Lella Loves... Vintage Linens

I paid 50p for this doily. The centre is linen and someone from yesteryear has taken the time and effort to crotchet the border. These were used years ago to protect the furniture from being scratched by a vase or a fruit bowl.

Lella Loves... Glass Buttons

These lovely glass buttons were £4 and included several packs of them on their original backing card. Including the box of all loose glass buttons as well as the cards, I paid £4 for about 50 glass buttons.

Lella Loves... Vintage Linens

All you need is:

Vintage plant pot protector or crotched doily
Glass buttons or beads of your choice
Needle and thread
A party! (to show off your creations)

Lella Loves... Vintage Linens

By taking one large glass button (or bead) and sewing it very securely to each petal or scallop, you create a beaded food cover from crotched doily. The weight of the buttons keeps the linen in place. 

*Tip: Do make sure that your buttons and linens are either washed by hand or launder them inside a pillowcase. Always check for loose buttons and beads after each wash.

The idea is so simple and can save you a pretty penny if you wanted to make a few as gifts or for next summer's garden party.

Lella Loves... Beaded Food Covers

Here is a beaded cover which I bought online. They are lovely and can be found in several sizes but £5 each is a lot to spend when you can have such joy in making a few of your own.

Lella Loves... Vintage Buttons

I bought these teeny tiny Mother of Pearl buttons in a similar job job of buttons and they are photographed here with a penny to show you the size. They would be lovely en masse on a larger doily as you would need more to create the weighted edge.

Yesterday I spoke about the joy of going to a flea market and, if you keep your eyes peeled, you too could find vintage linens and unwanted cottons for 50p and £1.

If you wanted to know when an antiques and collectables fair might be on near to you, I did a post the other week using the Antique Trade Calendar. Lovers of markets, both flea and collectable, should have this handy guide.  It lists many of the weekly/monthly events across the UK.

Have fun today :)

Lella  xx

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