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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Yankee Candles

Many of us love to burn candles, especially scented ones such as Yankee candles. These candles are bought for their fragrance so it only seems right to explain how to get the best out of your candles.

Here lies the secret of burning high-end, luxury candles.

Lella Loves... Yankee Candles

I have photographed 3 jar candles, and will explain how to get absolute value out of your jars.

Lella Loves... Yankee Candles

This is the candle at rest. Solid wax state.

Lella Loves... Yankee Candles

This is the candle after 30 minutes of burning. You can see the wax melting and there will be fragrance in the air already.

Lella Loves... Yankee Candles

This is the same candle after 3 hours. The level of the wax has decreased and the candle is melting at all the same rate. This stage is the 'perfect burn' for all luxury candles. The wax pool is touching the sides and the lovely scent fills the house.

All high-end, highly fragranced candles should be burned in this way.

Allow 3 - 4 hours for each burn to avoid the following problems.

Lella Loves... Yankee Candles

This is a candle which has only been alight for a few hours (single wick). You can see that the wax pool has not yet touched the sides.

If I had extinguished the candle at this point, all the fragrance locked in the unused wax in the side walls will be wasted.

Lella Loves... Yankee Candles

And here is the nightmare scenario for all luxury candles: tunnelling!

This is what happens when you light a candle and only burn for an hour or so. Because the wax hasn't been allowed to completely melt and pool in the top of the jar, when the candle solidified, it has hardened with an edge crust.

There is no way back for a candle which has tunnelled to this extent.

*Tip: If you are a user of Yankee Tart Burners then you could melt the tunnelled candle in a ban marie and pour the wax into small silicone cupcake moulds. You would then simply use a wax cupcake in place of a wax tart.

I do hope that helps you to gain more from your candles. If you are spending £12 on a large jar or Housewarmer, I really want you to enjoy every penny of fragrance. A tunnelled candle is £6 worth of wasted fragrance.

Pop back soon.

Lella  xx

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