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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Test Tubes

My latest obsession is test tubes. Yes, you did read that correctly :) I know it sounds rather strange but I have just traded 277 glass test tubes and I am thinking of ways to utilise them.

Lella Loves... Test Tubes

I have filled an old wooden box with 70 test tubes as this is a fantastic way of taking root cuttings. I hope to simply snip top cuttings of lavender and pop them in water. The test tubes' length will provide light and encourage rooting.

On a kitchen window, this would be super for springtime flowers such as miniature daffodils.

Lella Loves... Test Tubes

A watercolour artist could use a similar layout as a constant clean water change. These lovely tubes are 5 inches tall so perfect for a home studio and so easy to clean and reuse.

Lella Loves... Test Tubes

I washed them and then left them overnight to dry but as they are glass, I could have popped them on the top shelf of a dishwasher.

Lella Loves... Test Tubes

Buttons, flowers and spices all come to mind but if you have an idea, please leave me a comment. I will happily trade a couple of dozen or so with anyone who wanted to swap other craft supplies.

Please message me if you have a swap suggestion. There is no harm in asking so ask away.

Many thanks for reading.

Lella  xx

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