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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Wreath (Fruits)

This is a very simply wreath which is perfect for the run-up to the Christmas season. You could make your own wreath or use a store-bought chunkier version. The everlasting fruit picks are only £3 each but if you prefer, use fresh fruit and change it every 10 days.

The fruity theme gives your front door a charming, late-autumn look and this will be perfectly suitable until the first week of December.

Lella Loves... Wreaths

All you need to make this is a twiggy wreath and three ready-tied fruit picks.

I used a large florist's wreath - I bought 4 of them at a car boot for £1 each - but if you wanted to make your own, follow my blog-make and make yours from honeysuckle cuttings and woven ivy stems.

Lella Loves... Everlasting Fruit

These fruit picks were bought from Hobby Craft are only £3 each.

Lella Loves... Wreaths

Simply take your fruit picks and push them into the centre of the wreath's twigs. Separate the twigs by gently wiggling the stems of the fruit pick but don't force as you don't want to snap the wreath's delicate, tiny twigs.

Lella Loves... Wreaths

Be creative with the berry placement and manipulate the leafy stems so they are facing right-side up. If you wanted more berries, purchase multi-stemmed berry picks to add in between each fruit setting. They can be bought for similar cost.

Lella Loves... Wreaths

Positioning the fruit is important so be generous with your spacing if you like the garland look.

Lella Loves... Wreaths

To achieve the 'laden with fruit' look, buy double the fruit stems plus a few extra berry picks and tuck them into the wreath much more closely.

Lella Loves... Wreaths

And here is my finished wreath. For less than £15, you could easily make something similar. I love wreaths and this one is so simple and really quite charming.

With Christmas fast-approaching, you could make this fruit wreath now and, by using it as a base for your much thicker-set Christmas wreath, just add freshly cut holly, ivy or fir branches nearer the time.

I do hope this has inspired you to start thinking about dressing your front door this season.

Have a lovely day.

Lella  xx

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