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Friday, 11 November 2011

Silk Flowers (Geraniums)

Hello there folks and welcome to another Floral Friday :) I found this fabulous double geranium for £3 at a table-top sale a few months ago. This arrangement is so easy to do and I know there are similar stems in Debenhams at the moment.

I have seen similar entire silk plants from upwards of £36 - £48.

The flower heads and the leaves look so real that even I, a silk flower obsessive, had to look twice.

If you wanted to make a similar display for your kitchen, you will need:

5 everlasting geranium stems with foliage or an entire plant such as the one above.
Container of your choice
Marbles or gravel

To start, simply gather a few containers and have fun trying them for size and shape. You want the overall look to be harmonious and as natural as possible.

Double check all your flower heads and make sure the petals are firmly fixed and not crushed. Decide which side you prefer. This is called 'facing up'.

Marbles, marbles... everywhere! I can't get enough of marbles. A friend had these in her garage so I traded them for a large wicker log basket and a bottle of Sherry.

By having several vases to choose from, you are able to play around with the look. Container selection is very subjective and you should make sure you are happy with the end result.

I photographed the geranium in a crystal vase just to show you how different the same plant can look in another container. This look is rather pleasing but it is not my favourite.

This is the look I went for. I decided on a large custard jug as I love the old country garden look. I bought the jug from a local, independently-owned, homewares/lifestyle shop which sells the usual cards, candles, and cushions plus pretty gifts and handmade pottery items. I lucked out on my lovely jug as it was on sale due to it being a summer colour so I bought it for 70% off.

If you like the idea of silk flowers in simple jugs, look in charity shop windows for their best and freshest donations.

Have a lovely day and treat yourself to some silk flowers.

Lella xx

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