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Monday, 23 January 2012

Upcycling Old Cushions

Every home has a few cushions which have seen better days. I have several and they are lovely but very tatty and one was actually coming apart at the seams!

If this sounds familiar, worry no more as today's project shows you how to upcycle your old cushion by appliqueing part of the fabric sections onto a new one.

Lella Loves... Upcycling

This was one of the four cushion fronts which I really liked and wanted to reuse.

Lella Loves... Upcycling

The cushion was well worn and the back was getting more threadbare every day.

Lella Loves... Upcycling

I sorted out some scrap fabric pieces which would tone well.

Lella Loves... Upcycling

I like the mustard and pepper colours as this cushion is for my kitchen chair. This is such a fun and satisfying way to reuse the soft furnishings we have in our homes and blend them with new pieces. As a crafter and creative, you will know best that handmade by you is always a pleasure to use.

Lella Loves... Upcycling

These lovely tweed cushions are £12.99 and I found them in Dunelm Mill.

Lella Loves... Upcycling

By taking one of the cushion panels and layering it up with matching fabrics, you can create a whole new front piece.

Please contact me if you wanted any cushions made to order. Patchwork is my first love and I would be happy to discuss any projects with you.

Have a lovely day.

Lella  xx

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous fabrics! Dunelm Mill is one of my fav shops..We are just about to have a store open where I live and I can't wait!


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