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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Recycling Craft Event

I have mentioned in a previous post that keeping an eye on community notice boards can be very rewarding and to my joy, I saw another advert for a class, inviting people to, "Come and Be a Womble".

I experienced 2 hours of fun and laughter with a group of ladies at that class as being a Womble means you are a crafting recycler.

The best bit was that one of the organisers had even gone to the trouble of arranging little gift bags for everyone and inside there were instructions and a template to be able to make the items we had just seen, at home.

We learnt how to make these little gift boxes from our old Christmas cards and here are those photos.

The event was held in my local community centre and the demonstrations were fabulous. All the equipment and materials were provided free of charge.

The hall was filled and not a spare seat around the event table. It was a really enjoyable evening and I highly recommend attending a craft class near you.

Have fun, ladies.

Lella  xx

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