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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Flower Inspirations

I love flowers and every other Friday I try to show you an easy floral project using silk flowers. However, as today is Saturday, I wanted to show you my flower pin board.

Lella Loves... Silk Flowers

I keep this particular board solely for pictures and magazine cut-outs of flower pictures and bouquets.

Lella Loves... Silk Flowers

This display is in a large garden planter and the proportions encourage creative arrangements. It only features olive branches and the idea came from a 'Gift for Cooks' catalogue which had an olive tree, olive oil and a drizzle bottle all wrapped up in a hamper. I loved it and wanted to use olives as soon as I saw it.

Lella Loves... Silk Flowers
Lella Loves... Silk Flowers

Choose silk flowers which you love to look at. Your displays should make you smile as you might well be looking at them for months. Have fun with your arrangements using vases, jugs and buckets.

Lella Loves... Silk Flowers

Lella Loves... Silk Flowers
If you enjoy flower arranging, get inspiration from flower shops' catalogues and bouquet cards as well as blogs like mine. Garden centres offer a good selection of silk flowers and don't forget a bag of shingle for ballast. If you love creating huge displays, that will be the best £4 you ever spend.

Lella  xx

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